Ordering a Superior or Ontario Court transcript requires certain information prior to the order being sent to us for processing.  The following information is mandatory.  The text in bold is required for the order form to be sent to records management:

  1. Name of the proceeding; who against who.  For criminal matters it would be Regina v. Name of the accused;
  2. Location of the proceeding;
  3. Date(s) of the proceeding;
  4. For each date we require a justice name and/or courtroom number;
  5. Your personal information; name, phone number, address and company, if applicable you are ordering for;
  6. Your interest in the proceeding; counsel, media, party to the proceeding, Crown, etcetera
  7. What you are using the transcript for; trial continuation, bail review, appeal, 11b application, etcetera

If you are filing an appeal, please provide the appeal number, if available, so the certificate of ordering can be provided to you.

Once you have the required information proceed to our website at courtorderforms.ca and chose ordering a Ontario or Superior Court Transcript online.