The presiding judicial official is permitted and must review all reasons/rulings/charge to the jury prior to release to the ordering party.  Without the judicial consent that portion of the transcript cannot be released to any party.  

The following is the workflow involved in sending in these portions of a transcript to the appropriate party/email at the courthouse:

  1. Ruling/Reasons/Charge to the Jury are prepared first once the order is commenced;
  2. A judicial review form, along with the portion to be reviewed is sent via email to the courthouse;
  3. The presiding official is provided the transcript by the office staff;
  4. The presiding official signs the judicial review form with any changes requested or returns the portion for further edits prior to approval to be resubmitted as above;
  5. The ACT receives the judicial review form as signed by the presiding official, along with requested changes or no changes for release to the ordering party.


The judicial review form indicates the name of the ordering party, the date the ordering party is requesting the transcript to be completed, and other required pertinent information.


There is no given time of how long this process will take.  The presiding official, pursuant to the judicial review form is aware of the requested due date.  Most times the approval process takes a few days, other times it may take longer.

Videoplus follows up regularly with the ACT for them to contact the courthouse for a further update.  Any information will be forwarded to the ordering party to keep them updated.

361 University, Toronto - This courthouse has a requested 30-day period wait before following up, save and except dailies and expedites.  This means the ACT cannot follow up for 30 days after submission of the portion to be approved, other than for orders placed as dailes and expedites.


We cannot prevent any ordering party from contacting the courthouse directly, but generally it is best to continue to follow up with us, so we can provide updates to you directly.

Once the transcript is approved the ordering party will receive the approved judicial review form or an email confirmation in lieu of the judicial review form in the form of a pdf file from the courthouse, along with the transcript as approved.  This is then released to the ordering party.

If there are other portions of the transcript we have typed, we can provide those to you prior to the approval.

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